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The wiring plan will be installed per requirements of these specifications utilizing materials meeting all applicable ANSI/TIA/EIA standards.

All installed wire will be tested “100 percent good” after installation by UNETCable.

Initial cable inspection: UNETCable will inspect all cable prior to installation to verify that it is identified properly on the reel identification label, that it is of proper gauge, containing the correct number of pairs, etc. Note any buckling of the jacket that would indicate possible problems. Damaged cable or any other components failing to meet specifications will not be used in the installation.

Materials will be as listed or will be equivalent products of other manufacturers meeting the intent and quality level of the ANSI/TIA/EIA TSB36 and TSB40 specifications.

All products will be new and brought to the job site in original manufacturer’s packaging. Electrical components (including innerduct) will bear the Underwriters Laboratories label. All communications cable will bear flammability testing ratings as follows:

  • CM Communications Cable
  • CMP Plenum-rated Communications Cable
  • CMR Riser-rated Communications Cable


Flush-mounted jacks will be high-quality Category 5E RJ45 modular jacks with circuit board construction and IDC-style or 110-style wire, T568B terminations. Jacks will meet ANSI/TIA/EIA TSB40 recommendations for Category 5E connecting hardware.

Duplex data outlet will have two data cables each with a jack (if required).


New data Category 5E termination hardware: The Category 5E data station cable will be terminated on Category 5E RJ45 patch panels with circuit board construction in all IDF/MDF locations. The RJ45 patch panels will be rack mounted with cable management panels per communication detail sheets. All wall brackets, patch panels, and cable management panels for all IDF/MDF layouts and equipment rack configurations will be done by UNETCable.

Wall brackets will be provided for all patch panels and cable management panels for wall mount applications.

Cable management panels will have five (5) D-rings for wire distribution with a minimum panel dimension of 3½” x 19″.


The wire provided for all outlets will be one four-pair UTP, Category 5E cable per jack.

Telephone/data outlet will have one voice cable and jack and one data cable and jack (if required).

Duplex data outlet will have two data cables each with a jack (if required).

The Category 5E four-pair UTP cable is UL performance level tested.

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