Who We Are

About UNET Cable

Since the 2010, UNETCable has been providing network cabling services in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With the expertise and knowledge in data, voice and fiber optic installations, we provide quality structured cabling solutions for businesses, schools and government agencies, etc. Our customers use us and recommend us to others because we do what we say we are going to do – deliver on time, on budget, with quality and quick services.

Whether the requirement is Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Coaxial, AV cabling, multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and single mode OS1, OS2 fiber optic cabling, Unetcable has the expertise to design, specify and install them professionally.

Network cables are the foundation for all corporate data transmission and network activities. To ensure the quality of communication, we not only test the continuity of the cables, we also certify cables to make sure they can carry high volume of traffic load under noisy signal situation for both data and Voice over IP transmission.

As the performance of the network depends on the quality of the cabling installations as well as the quality of its components, our skilled installers have a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of cabling and have the skills and capabilities needed to get systems running efficiently. Our commitment to ongoing training ensures they are up to date with the latest products and technologies and as a result are able to advise you on the ideal cabling to suit your needs.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and our internal structure allows us to be very efficient and responsive on all areas of sales and support. We pride ourselves in our fresh outlook to customer service and believe in maintaining traditional values of speaking to every customer, discussing their needs and requirements and delivering on these; we do not use automated systems. Our objectives are centred around providing our customers with solutions based upon the best available and services that meet their highest expectations in all respects, but particularly in relation to:

  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Safety and reliability
Why Choose us

Main Reasons For Choose Cabling Provider

Good Service: We’ve helped a long list of clients during our 18 years of service to Dallas Fort Worth area who we have provided high quality works with hard work and dedication. We have many satifised customers that will give you a peace of mind in setting up your data/voice network wiring.

Quick Respons: pick up the phone and we will be there within 48 hours to complete a site survey in greater Dallas Forth metropolitan area. A written estimate will be delivered within 48 hours of the site survey. As a client of UNETCable, you can rest assured that meeting your project deadline on time and on budget is our #1 goal.

Better Support: As a client of UNETCable you do not have to worry about navigating a complex maze of bureaucracy, endless phone menus and waiting on hold when you have urgent questions or concerns. You will have the direct line and mobile phone number of a Project Manager dedicated to your needs. Project managers are available to answer questions and meet your needs 24/7.

Competitive Price: We offer competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the service and product. We provide qualified technicians around the clock at lower hourly bill rates then our local competitors.

Flexibility: UNETCable’s technicians are prepared to work around the clock and on weekends to meet all your needs.

Experience: UNETCable has been servicing the network cabling and business communication needs of Dallas Fort Worth.

Dedication: The project manager assigned to your project will work for you and with you to ensure that your project develops as outlined in the written estimate.

Guaranteed: We proudly back our work with a 10 Year Factory Backed System guarantee on all data network cabling.

Leasing Option: Depending on a client’s needs, UNETCable offers leasing options for both phone systems and data wiring as well as maintenance contracts.

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